The power of Human Intelligence


Capture and utilise knowledge of you, your employees and your organisation

The human brain stores concepts in its cells and are connected through nerves. The concepts stored in your brain depend on your knowledge, experience and iterations on the domain.


Our platform gives the expert, you, the capability to capture knowledge and experience in the same manner your brain does. Each concept or desired input can be drawn, connected and edited and will eventually lead to conclusions.
Software which is capable of capturing knowledge from experts is subject of a decade long search. Capturing and utilise the knowledge of you or your company’s employees has never been made easy. We do.


Hybriq focusses on practical knowledge, Each professional or organisation has practical knowledge. With an easy platform to capture this, you just have to put it to work.

Discover the possibilities

Problem Analysis
Create projects that help with troubleshooting, root cause analysis or fault tree analysis. Make it accessible for people who are in need of this information, work together on projects to get down to the deepest problems.
Professional Advice
Put your advice to work. Share your knowledge with your prospects, employees or customers. Give them 24/7 access to your domain. Share it for free or get paid per advice. Share it via hybriq, email or your website using our plugin.
Rating and Evaluation
Let your customers check on your website if they are eligible for a loan or can obtain a permit for construction. Or any other process where logic comes to evaluate or rate prospects.
Intelligent Forms
Create intelligent forms for your customers or employees. Integrate logic in your forms to only render questions which are suitable for them. Afterwards analyse the submitted forms, check the responses and gain insight.
Keep knowledge inside your organisation
People come and go. Your experienced employees have some of the most valuable knowledge at their fingertips. By externalising this valuable asset, leaving employees won't affect the way things go (best).
Custom document gereration
It's possible to create custom documents tailored to specific needs. A NDA can have specific purposes: share intellectual property, commercial/trading information or to formalise a relationship. Find out what the person wants, implement logic within your document generator and deliver to customers without any interference of you.


An intuitive platform to capture knowledge, visualising the way your brain works. Create ‘cells’ that contain questions or conclusions you would ask yourself. Connect them like nerves do.

Complex made simple

Cells and nerves are the building blocks of knowledge, logic is the center. Integrating complex logic in the cells and nerves of your project is as simple as it could get. Evaluate possible outcomes and link them to other cells based on criteria you set.


Don't waste time on repetitive work which is suitable for automatisation. Let users access your knowledge through Hybriq. Use your time wisely and spend it on complex tasks which require focus.


It's easy to keep your knowledge model up-to-date. Rearrange, edit, delete and add new knowledge as you wish. Never lose something and know it’s always available. 24/7.


No need to use our website to with our plugin, you can share your projects directly on your own website. Setup is easy and you can select which projects need to be ported to your website.

Source of revenue

By charging your customers for accessing your knowledge, you can create a source of revenue. Even when you are on holiday, people are able to pick your brains, and get paid for it.

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